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Location & Hours

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  • Daily menu consists of 3 hot meals;
  • Organic fruits, vegetables, and dairy served year around;
  • Meals are prepared by licensed chefs;
  • Limited amount of sugar and baked goods served at SDCA, no processed and fast food meals;
  • Classrooms are professionally cleaned daily, toys and materials are sanitized on a regular basis;
  • Flexible schedules that work for everyone (part-time and full-time programs);
  • Discounts are available;
  • SDCA students enjoy celebrating various holidays either within classroom or with parents’ participation;
  • Fun theme classes with guest speakers and SDCA students’ favorite characters;
  • Blog that allows parents to stay informed and feel included in their children’s daily activities.

San Diego Children's Academy Preschool

Russian Immersion Preschool - San Diego Children's Academy

“The first 5 years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out.” - B. Gates


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Why Us

  • SDCA is fully licensed and insured;
  • Qualified teachers with great education, extensive work experience, and background check clearance;
  • 1:7 teacher/student ratio, small study groups;
  • Progressive Russian and American early childhood education programs and approaches;
  • SDCA program includes 3 daily classes (Math, Music, Literacy, Language Development, Arts, Physical Education, Introduction to the Environmental Studies, and Dramatic Play);
  • Assistance with potty training;
  • Spacious classrooms, separate room, equipped for indoor sports and music classes;
  • Outdoor playground with gardening center;
  • Convenient location;
  • Security and Fire Alarm systems installed in all classrooms;