Russian Immersion Preschool - San Diego Children's Academy

San Diego Children’s Academy is committed to the development of the whole child. Through a combination of play-based, sensory, and structured activities, our goal is to concentrate on social, emotional, and cognitive growth, as well as fine and gross motor development. Each child is celebrated as an individual with distinct personalities, needs and capabilities and we strive to ensure their preschool experience is a positive one that will last a lifetime. Our teachers are dedicated to providing a modern, safe, and loving environment that fosters acceptance and respect for all in our culturally diverse community. The following are the curriculum areas that children will be exposed to on a daily basis:


This class is designed to teach children to count, identify geometric forms, length, to be able to name months, and time.  Students also practice spatial awareness and become familiar with terminology specific for this subject.  One of the goals is to teach children apply new mathematical concepts to the world around them.


The main objective of Language Skills class is to creatively teach students how to express their thoughts and ideas in Russian, applying correct language rules. This class helps children feel comfortable engaging in dialogues and makes their speech more enriched when they do storytelling.  Classes include speech correction exercises to encourage children pronounce their sounds clearly.  Other goals of this class include enriching children’s vocabulary, teaching them to create sentences using correct word order and grammar rules, retell short stories, and develop communication skills that children can use with both peers and adults.


One of the main objectives for this class is to strike children’s interest about books and reading.  In this class, children learn how to actively listen and pay attention to the storyline.  They learn to sympathies with characters from books and see the world from a different perspective.  Our program includes tales and poems of both Russian and American authors so that our students are exposed to children’s literature from both cultures.  Literacy class improves children’s critical thinking, imagination, storytelling and listening skills.  In this class, children strengthen their memory by learning short poems by heart and retelling small parts of the books.


The main goal of Dramatic Play is to create a positive environment among children in each class, make them feel comfortable and secure to express themselves.  Children are encouraged to participate in role-playing games and theatric performances that take place in our Academy. Children get a chance to watch puppet shows where they learn to follow the actions of main characters.  This class is great for improving children’s memory as they learn their lines, motivate them to be creative and let their imagination blossom.  Dramatic Play class encourages children feel comfortable and have fun during pretend-play activities.


The main goal of P.E. classes is to encourage children’s not only physical development, but also promote their healthy and positive growth. This class motivates children to grow up to become caring adults who enjoy taking initiative.  Children learn to love sports and staying physically active. These classes help students learn to walk, run, keep their balance, jump, and throw. Children get a chance to participate in group games both indoors and outdoors that involve physical activity.  Each child will need a set of P.E. outfit for this class.


Music and Movement classes include the following activities: listening to classical and modern music, singing and learning the lyrics of children’s songs, as well as practicing rhythmic movements to music.  These classes also help students prepare for upcoming musicals and holiday celebrations.  During Music and Movement classes children get an opportunity to experiment playing various musical instruments.


Art classes combine drawing, clay modeling, gluing, and other crafts activities.  The main goal of these classes is to strike students’ interest about art.  Here, children are encouraged to use their creativity and imagination.  They also gain such useful skills as holding and using scissors properly, holding and using paint brush and other drawing supplies the right way, etc.  During art classes, students work on both their individual creations and group projects.


This class introduces children to their surroundings, nature, and their role within community. Children enrich their vocabulary, learn to compare and contrast, describe and analyze the world around them.  Topics include but are not limited to “Family,” “Holidays and Traditions,” “Seasons,” “Plants,””Animals,” “Etiquette,”  etc..

San Diego Children's Academy

Our curriculum approach includes activities and lessons from the innovative methods of both Russian and American Early Childhood Education Programs. Curiosity and wonder characterize the preschool aged child and are encouraged by the varied learning opportunities presented each day. A balanced combination of child-initiated and teacher-directed activities offers ample opportunities for each child to explore and develop at his/her own pace and to gain confidence in making choices, building relationships, taking risks, and following directions on a one-to-one basis as well as in a group setting.

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